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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy, where you will be supported by a therapist to discuss and explore any problems you may be facing.  This will be done in a safe, confidential setting to enable you to talk openly and freely about any issues that are causing an imbalance in your life. 


Firstly I would like to say Hi and warmly welcome you to my counselling website.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by text or telephone on 07944 604683, email on or via the contact form on the 'Contact Me' page.

Take care and warm wishes - Sarah. 

Why Counselling?


The aim of counselling is to help support you in understanding yourself, your feelings, your responses and your emotions better. This, in turn enables a clearer way to navigate towards a more positive mindset and how to work towards living in a way that you so wish.

People often say that by speaking to a counsellor, it is the first time they have been listened to and therefore able to express and talk about themselves and their thoughts, without being ridiculed or judged.  A counsellor is a person who has trained for many years to obtain the relevant skills and qualifications required to become a therapist, which enables the therapist to actively listen to you without judgement, blame or belittling you.

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Counsellor MBACP
(Individual / Couples Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor)

"Am I good enough? Yes I am"

Michelle Obama


My Approach


To give you a bit of a background of Person-Centred Counselling, it means that you will be given my full, professional commitment, whilst we work at a pace that is suitable for you. This is to encourage / enable you to talk openly and freely about your emotions or whatever you feel is important in that moment. This may be things like anxiety, anger, depression, a traumatic event in your life or it could be you would like to build on your confidence or low self esteem.

When working with either individuals or couples, the aim of a talking therapy is to enable people to experience communicating or interacting in possibly new ways, that in turn nurture and allow for a deeper, emotional closeness and intimacy. Through learning to communicate effectively and exploring and uncovering elements of a relationship, from your past or present, can have powerful and often positive effects. 

Increasing an individual or a couple’s awareness and responsibility within a relationship, can also help towards recognising possible defences that may have arisen or possibly any resistance to change that has been identified within a relationship.  

Couples therapy can be viewed as enriching for couples who may be going through a difficult time, whilst being keen to explore their relationship at a deeper level. 

I will be supportive and understanding, in unravelling your lived experiences and feelings whilst we are working therapeutically together. We will be able to discuss your goals and expectations in the sessions, to ensure our time and space is used to meet your specific needs.  Likewise, when working with couples, having the safe space to unravel often deep-rooted emotions, can enable discussions to highlight strengths as well as weaknesses, thus enabling finding ways of maintaining and improving relationships, not simply saving them.

I have been privileged to be able to support many people through their difficult times and from these experiences I have learnt that YOU are the expert in your life, and the one who holds the answers from within. It’s for us, by working together, to be able to untangle your feelings, further understand your lived experiences and for you to regain clarity and work towards reducing any emotional pain you may be experiencing.

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