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Types of Counselling Available and Fees

Online counselling via Zoom 

Zoom is a way for us to see each other face-to-face from our computers / mobile devices, whilst engaging in therapy. We meet on Zoom at a time that we have previously arranged together, with sessions being up to 50 minutes long. If Zoom is a platform you are unfamiliar with, I am able to provide guidance on how to use this before we start working together.

Telephone Counselling


This is similar to online counselling as it happens through the Zoom system, or via a handset, but without the visual aspects.

Benefits of Online and Telephone Counselling:

  • Counselling therapy from your own home / safe place

  • Secure inscription software offers confidentiality and peace of mind

  • No chance that you may be seen entering the counsellors practice 

  • Therapy at a time, place and pace that suits you

  • Access to counselling may be more immediate

  • Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you


Walk n Talk Therapy 
(currently unavailable)


If you’re wondering what

‘Walk n Talk’ therapy is, then

the easiest way to explain is

simply we walk whilst talking, without the constraints of being inside.  During a session, you will lead the pace, just like in a traditional counselling session.

Walk n Talk therapy is an alternative to the traditional face to face or online / telephone counselling, with effectiveness for all ages and abilities. Through exercising by walking, your psychological health and mental well-being are benefitting, whilst helping, for example, to reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

Face to Face Counselling

I am working from first floor offices (access is via a flight of stairs) in Talbot Green, RCT.  If you would like to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Adults for a 50 minute individual session = £60

Couples counselling - Initial session and assessment £90  (1 hour 15 minutes), then £75 per 50 minute session.

For couples 1.5 hour sessions are available at an extra cost.

I offer a free 15 minute initial telephone consultation if requested or required.

I accept EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) referrals.

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